For years, elite athletes the world over have routinely embraced the power of extreme cold to aid their recovery and experience a wealth of other health benefits. That said, it makes perfect business sense to introduce cold recovery technology to your spa, sports centre or fitness club to empower your guests to elevate their physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

The Electric Croytherapy single-person cabin is leading the way in cold therapy. It’s the smallest, the most economical, and outperforms its competition. 

How It Works and What It Does

When a guest of yours spends up to three minutes in the Cryotherapy cabin they’ll be immersed in a cold space of -110°C. Their body’s temperature will be lowered in a very short time resulting in a safe and controlled thermal shock. The body will naturally fight against this extreme cold, and it’s this reaction that has incredible health benefits. 

Blood vessels and arteries will narrow, nerve conduction will slow down, an analgesic (pain relieving) effect will be delivered, the heart rate increases, inflammation will be reduced, and endorphins released.

After an intense workout, thermal shock treats the entire body to a plethora of positive benefits:

  • Relaxes muscles and accelerates their recovery
  • Reduces post-workout pain
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Improves metabolism
  • Boosts joint health
  • Suppresses bruising and swellings
  • Promotes well-being, reduces anxiety, and encourages a better night’s sleep
  • Enables the user to improve their physical performance and train harder

And it’s not exclusive to sports people either, cold recovery treatment can assist physical trauma as well as rheumatology, neurology and dermatology conditions. 

Knowledgeable Staff. Captivated Members.

Offering an outstanding and unique experience will enhance your spa and fitness centre, turn members into loyal members, and attract new members.

You will need to train your staff on the benefits, and how to use the Cryotherapy cabin safely. There is no need for you to invest in a dedicated member of staff to overlook the unit’s use as staff will be more than capable of understanding the impact of cold on the body and how to communicate effectively with your members.

Your members too will have to follow guidelines on what they should do, and not do, before, during, and after their short session.

Your Return On Investment

  • The cost of the Cryotherapy cabin plus installation is around £100,000*
  • The cost to run is minimal. You can also use the energy from the cabin for your heating making it sustainable.
  • Each session is short as the body only needs up to 3 minutes to feel the benefits.
  • Depending on your opening hours, you should expect to serve up to 60 members or guests in a day.
  • The unit will need a space of at least 6m2.

*subject to site survey

The pricing structure can be as flexible as you need it to be. You can charge around £70.00 per session, or introduce an elevated membership cost for unlimited monthly use and utilise as a marketing solution.

Which Institutions Are Using This Thermal Shock Therapy Already?

UNTIL in London, home of the capital’s top health and wellness professionals, offer the Cryotherapy cabin to their high-achieving members and The Lowry Hotel offers this experience to its clientele and guests.

Let’s Talk

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