As a gym or spa operator, it’s important to provide your members with a wide range of treatments and services to manage stress and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Adding a floatation tank to your list of offerings can help set you apart from your competitors, providing your members with a luxurious and rejuvenating experience that is both relaxing and therapeutic.

Floatation pods are a proven, hands-off treatment that can provide your members with a 365-day-per-year solution to help them manage stress and other stress-related conditions. This makes it an ideal addition to your gym or spa, offering your members a unique and effective way to improve their health and wellbeing, and helping you to build your reputation as a provider of top-quality services and treatments.

Floatation Tanks Provide an Immersive and Calming Experience that Cultivates and Promotes a Variety of Benefits to Wellbeing Including:

1. Stress relief: Float therapy is known to produce a deep relaxed state and can therefore help to reduce stress and anxiety. Float tanks block out external stimulation and environmental noise and this deprivation helps guide the body and mind into a deeply relaxed state.

2. Promote good sleep: During a float session, the body is able to enter a deep state of relaxation and produces hormones that help to induce a better sense of wellbeing and reduce cortisol levels – a major contributor to poor sleep and stress.

3. Pain relief: High levels of magnesium in float tanks have been shown to reduce the physical impact of pain and the perception of pain. Soaking in the float tank’s solution has also been linked to a reduction in inflammation and increased circulation.

4. Boosted creativity: With a heightened state of relaxation and a lack of external stimulation, many people report an increased capacity to problem solve and come up with creative solutions when freed from distractions during (and immediately after) a float session.

5. Improved concentration: Floating in a floatation tank can help improve concentration by reducing environmental distractions, allowing a person to become deeply relaxed and focused on whatever task or thought is at hand. The tank is designed to reduce sensory bombardment, providing a dark and silent environment with no sound, movement, or light to distract the mind. This relaxing environment enables the flotation tank user to stay relaxed, focused, and alert as they work or concentrate on tasks. The effects of floating also promote a meditative state, which is beneficial for maintaining focus and concentration.

An average installation for one pod typically costs between £23,000 to £25,000 (excl VAT), and a room size of at least 4m x 3m is advised for 1 flotation tank pod.

One person or a small team of people should be responsible for the day-to-day running of the pod, from scheduling appointments to cleaning and maintenance. This helps to ensure that everyone knows who to go to for information and support, and that the pod is being managed consistently and efficiently.

  • Floatation tanks can offer up to 8 one-hour floating sessions in a 12-hour operating day, providing ample opportunities for members to enjoy the benefits of regular floating.
  • Members will experience reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and pain reduction among other benefits by regularly using the flotation tank pod.
  • Floatation tanks have a low power draw, averaging at 0.55kwH, and some models are introducing a thermal cover to further reduce energy consumption, making flotation tanks an environmentally sustainable option.
  • Many gym and spa facilities worldwide have incorporated floatation tanks into their wellness offerings, including dedicated floatation centers and spas in hotels such as the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, the Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa in Malmesbury, and The Retreat at Elcot Park in West Berkshire.
  • A typical charge per session is around £55 – put an ROI in here
  • Incorporating a floatation tank pod into a membership package can add value to the package, either through greater retention or by raising the price, which can result in increased membership fees or higher spending customers.

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